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Bee Colonies

Asset ID Name Description Flags Group Location Archived
46 Sollux 3 lb package bees with Italian queen purchased from Poor Valley Bee Farm April 2020. Installed in cleaned-out 8-frame deep brood box with a... Apiary


Asset ID Name Crop/variety Season Description Flags Group Location Archived
14 Blueberry Bush Blueberry Blueberry bush purchased at Lowe's and planted in fall 2019. Apiary
26 Consort Black Currant Bush Currant, Consort Black Purchased from Amazon / HIrt's Gardens for $10 March 2020. Apiary
13 Fig Tree Fig, Olympian Olympian fig tree purchased from Lowe's and planted fall 2019. Apiary
41 Mint Mint Apiary
30 Volunteer Potato Potato Apiary
38 Volunteer Strawberries Strawberry Apiary

History of Assets

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Name Type Archived Arrived
Sollux Bee Colony Apr 20 2020
Mint Planting Apr 8 2020
Volunteer Strawberries Planting Apr 6 2020
Volunteer Potato Planting Mar 29 2020
Consort Black Currant Bush Planting Mar 29 2020
Blueberry Bush Planting Jan 23 2020
Fig Tree Planting Jan 23 2020
Eddie Bee Colony Feb 25 2020 Jan 17 2020
Logs by type


Done Log ID Date Log name Assets Areas Notes Flags Categories Assigned to
476 Jul 16 2020 Hive Inspection #11 Sollux Apiary I think I finally know what's meant by "nectar flow"; the top box is already almost too heavy to handle! Tons of nectar, worker brood, and... Bees
458 Jul 3 2020 Hive Inspection #10 Sollux Apiary Couldn't get into the hive last weekend due to constant rain, but weather was perfect today. Several of the new frames in the newly added... Bees
439 Jun 21 2020 Hive Inspection #9 Sollux Apiary Queen located on rightmost frame. Other frames are more or less the same, with lots of capped and uncapped worker brood, and still quite a... Bees
430 Jun 13 2020 Hive Inspection #8 Sollux Apiary Frames are becoming more even, with mostly honey on ends of hive and a good mix of honey/pollen/brood throughout the middle. Queen found on... Bees
423 Jun 7 2020 Hive Inspection #7 Sollux Apiary Smooth and quick. TONS of bees but in a good mood. Rightmost white plastic frame is mostly pollen and honey. Next few are honey and brood.... Bees
407 May 31 2020 Hive Inspection #6 Sollux Apiary Right frame all capped brood and pollen. More pollen, some honey, but mostly capped and open brood on next three frames. TONS of brood!... Bees
383 May 24 2020 Hive Inspection #5 Sollux Apiary First couple of frames from right are now all honey/pollen. Worker and drone brood on the third, lots of eggs. Queen on fourth frame, seems... Bees
345 May 17 2020 Hive Inspection #4 Sollux Apiary Removed some burr comb from far right side of brood box. Far right hard plastic frame is now just honey and pollen. Same with second from... Bees
340 May 10 2020 Hive Inspection #3 Sollux Apiary Far left frame is heavy with uncapped honey/sugar syrup. Next few frames are still being drawn out. Next couple have mix of honey and... Bees
314 May 2 2020 Added IP camera Sollux Apiary Added spare ancient Foscam IP camera to keep an eye on the bees remotely. Also added a link on the wiki homepage. Bees
311 May 2 2020 Hive Inspection #2 Sollux Apiary Picture-perfect inspection. Bees extremely docile and happy, had to use very little smoke. They've been taking in the sugar syrup from the... Bees
291 Apr 27 2020 Hive Inspection #1 Sollux Apiary Queen located on far right frame (solid white plastic). The two rightmost frames seem to be brood frames. Some of the thin wired foundation... Bees


Done Log ID Date Log name Assets Areas Value Units Notes Flags Categories Assigned to
456 Jul 1 2020 Lots of new growth Consort Black Currant Bush Apiary After what seemed like forever with just one or two leaves, there are several new leaves and additional shoots now. Plantings
441 Jun 22 2020 More defensive than usual Sollux Apiary Walked by the hive this morning and had a bee chase me across the yard. Thought I was safe but still heard buzzing when I got back into the... Bees
381 May 23 2020 Almost-ripe fruit found half eaten Volunteer Strawberries Apiary Plantings
371 May 19 2020 Setting fruit Volunteer Strawberries Apiary Plantings
351 May 10 2020 Frost killed off new growth Fig Tree Apiary The late frost we had killed off the new growth, but there's *new* new growth now, so will probably be fine. Plantings
305 Apr 30 2020 Still alive! Fig Tree Apiary It looked very much like it had died over the winter, and the two branches indeed had, but it’s is growing back now from the soil level.... Plantings
226 Apr 14 2020 Flowering Blueberry Bush Apiary One small cluster of buds about to flower. Plantings
202 Apr 8 2020 Mint located in Apiary Mint Apiary
148 Mar 29 2020 Leaves coming in, looks like it survived the winter just fine Blueberry Bush Apiary Plantings
83 Feb 25 2020 Hive is dead Eddie Apiary Noticed a few days ago when it got above 50 that there wasn't any activity at the hive. Checked today at 55 degrees and still nothing. Very... Bees
80 Jan 22 2020 Bees active during brief warming Eddie Apiary Got up into the 50s briefly this afternoon, and bees were very active. Cleaning dead bees from hive, foraging, etc. Bees
79 Jan 21 2020 Bees cold but active Eddie Apiary Bees bringing their dead to the landing board when it gets warm enough. Good to see some housekeeping activity. Bees


Done Log ID Date Log name Value Units Assets Areas Notes Flags Categories Assigned to
475 Jul 16 2020 Added Ross rounds super Sollux Apiary Bees
442 Jun 23 2020 Added second brood chamber Sollux Apiary Added a second brood chamber based on advice from an experienced Virginia beekeeper in this reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/... Bees
315 May 2 2020 Input 05/02/2020 - 20:06 Pollen Pattie Apiary Sollux 1 lbs Sollux Apiary Harvest Lane Honey PPBB-102 LB 15% Pollen Pattie - $15.78 on Amazon. Bees
145 Mar 29 2020 Mulched apiary garden with shredded bamboo Apiary Soil


Done Log ID Date Log name Value Units Assets Areas Harvest lot number Notes Flags Categories Assigned to
472 Jul 11 2020 Harvest 07/11/2020 - 21:28 Blueberry Bush 5 blueberry Blueberry Bush Apiary Plantings