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Plantings can be used to represent groups of plants (eg: a field of corn, or a group of seedlings), or they can be used to represent individual plants (eg: in the case of nurseries). For more information, see the Plantings documentation.
Asset ID Name Crop/variety Season Description Flags Group Location Archived
55 Acorn Squash Squash, Acorn Upper Garden
42 American Persimmon Trees Persimmon, American Diospyros virginiana Back Yard
2 Bamboo Stand 1 Bamboo Bamboo stand behind workshop and storage shed. Bamboo Forest 1
3 Bamboo Stand 2 Bamboo Bamboo stand northwest of house. Bamboo Forest 2
4 Bamboo Stand 3 Bamboo Bamboo stand at top of hollow. Bamboo Forest 3
12 Bamboo Stand 4 Bamboo Bamboo stand at bottom of hollow. Bamboo Forest 4
49 Beefsteak Tomatoes Tomato, Beefsteak Middle Garden
14 Blueberry Bush Blueberry Blueberry bush purchased at Lowe's and planted in fall 2019. Apiary
25 Brunswick Cabbage Cabbage, Brunswick Square-foot garden Middle Garden
48 Cherry Tomatoes Tomato, Cherry Middle Garden
26 Consort Black Currant Bush Currant, Consort Black Purchased from Amazon / HIrt's Gardens for $10 March 2020. Apiary
28 Dark Green Zucchini Zucchini, Dark Green Middle Garden
15 Dwarf Mulberry Trees Mulberry, Dwarf Dwarf mulberry trees purchased from Amazon and arrived 2020-03-17. Back Yard
56 Early Prolific Straightneck Squash Squash, Early Prolific Straightneck Upper Garden
16 Evergreen Bunching Onions Onion, Evergreen Bunching One square of square-foot garden bed planted with these in March 2019. Didn't harvest them that year, and they overwintered well. Seeds... Middle Garden
13 Fig Tree Fig, Olympian Olympian fig tree purchased from Lowe's and planted fall 2019. Apiary
54 Jack O' Lantern Pumpkins Pumpkin, Jack O' Lantern Upper Garden
20 Little Marvel Peas Pea, Little Marvel Square-foot garden Middle Garden
51 Martino's Roma Tomatoes Tomato, Martino's Roma Middle Garden
41 Mint Mint Apiary
58 Rattlesnake Pole Beans Beans, Rattlesnake Pole Middle Garden
33 Red Norland Potatoes Potato, Red Norland Lower Garden
34 Russet Burbank Potatoes Potato, Russet Burbank Lower Garden
50 Rutgers Tomatoes Tomato, Rutgers Middle Garden
37 Strawberries Strawberry Middle Garden
19 Super Sugar Snap Peas Pea, Super Sugar Snap Square-foot garden Middle Garden
30 Volunteer Potato Potato Apiary
44 Volunteer Potato #2 Potato Hollow
38 Volunteer Strawberries Strawberry Apiary
7 Walnut Tree 1 Walnut, Black Walnut tree behind house. Back Yard
8 Walnut Tree 2 Walnut, Black Walnut tree in side yard. Side Yard
5 Wineberry Thicket 1 Wineberry Wineberries along walkway northwest of house. Walkway
6 Wineberry Thicket 2 Wineberry Wineberries scattered around hollow. Hollow
57 Winter Autumn Acorn Blend Squash Squash, Winter Autumn Acorn Blend Non-GMO, Heirloom Upper Garden
52 Yellow Giant Sunflowers Sunflower, Yellow Giant Back Yard
35 Yukon Gold Potatoes Potato, Yukon Gold Lower Garden
53 Yukon Gold Potatoes - Second Bed Potato, Yukon Gold Lower Garden