Transplanting logs represent when Planting assets are transplanted from one place to another. For more information, see the Plantings documentation.
Done Log ID Date Log name Assets Value Units Movement to Notes Flags Categories Assigned to
316 May 3 2020 Transplant Dwarf Mulberry Trees Dwarf Mulberry Trees Back Yard Plantings
207 Apr 10 2020 Transplant Garden Huckleberry Bush Garden Huckleberry Bush Porch Moved to larger pot with seeding mix soil and placed on back porch for better sunlight now that it's not too cold at night. Plantings
146 Mar 29 2020 Planted in apiary garden Consort Black Currant Bush Apiary Moved to apiary garden next to blueberry bush and added some Black Kow manure. Plantings
144 Mar 29 2020 Moved to larger pots on porch Dwarf Mulberry Trees Porch Moved both mulberry trees to 3 qt. pots with half/half Black Kow manure and Hoffman's seed starting mix, and watered them well. Plantings