Champion Radishes


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Asset type: Planting
Asset ID: 21
Archived: Sun, 05/17/2020 - 18:32

Square-foot garden

Location: Middle Garden
Logs by type


Done Log ID Date Log name Assets Value Units Movement to Notes Flags Categories Assigned to
116 Mar 24 2020 Seed Champion Radishes Champion Radishes 24 seeds Plantings


Done Log ID Date Log name Assets Areas Value Units Notes Flags Categories Assigned to
183 Apr 5 2020 Critter attack Super Sugar Snap Peas, Champion Radishes, Early Scarlet Globe Radishes, Little Marvel Peas Middle Garden Found part of the square-foot garden dug up and rummaged through. No clue what, but candidates are groundhog, neighbor's dog, squirrels,... Plantings
147 Mar 29 2020 Sprouting already! Champion Radishes, China Rose Radishes, Early Scarlet Globe Radishes Middle Garden
115 Mar 24 2020 Champion Radishes located in Middle Garden Champion Radishes


Done Log ID Date Log name Value Units Assets Areas Harvest lot number Notes Flags Categories Assigned to
354 May 16 2020 Harvest 05/17/2020 - 18:31 Champion Radishes 0.35 oz Champion Radishes Middle Garden Wimpy harvest. Planted too closely and soil apparently had a lot of grass seed in it. Plantings