Hive Inspection #8

Log type: Activity
Log ID: 430
Status: DONE

Date: Sat, 06/13/2020 - 13:49


Frames are becoming more even, with mostly honey on ends of hive and a good mix of honey/pollen/brood throughout the middle. Queen found on third frame from right. Still lots of brood, but maybe less than before. TONS of bees. Several groupings on different frames of capped drone brood. On one of the central frames, found what could have been the beginnings of a queen cell on the bottom of the frame. I scraped it off. Looked more like more drone brood, though. On the one frame that I'd removed half of the damaged foundation from, the bees have filled it out, and the variation in comb sizing is surprising when they start from nothing. Gives some credence to those 'natural' beekeepers who don't use foundation at all, instead allowing bees to size things as they see fit. Lots more bees hanging out in the Ross rounds box, maybe drawing out some of the foundation, but I didn't see anything significant yet.

Did a 300-bee alcohol wash and again found only one Varroa mite after thoroughly agitating. Still far below the treatment threshold. I'll continue testing every other inspection.

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