Hive Inspection #9

Log type: Activity
Log ID: 439
Status: DONE

Date: Sun, 06/21/2020 - 18:07


Queen located on rightmost frame. Other frames are more or less the same, with lots of capped and uncapped worker brood, and still quite a bit of drone brood as well. Hive temperament was a little more defensive than usual, but still not bad. Found queen cups on first frame from right and sixth from right. One had an egg in it, the other had egg/royal jelly. Seems they are planning to swarm, which doesn't surprise me considering all frames are drawn out and queen is running out of places to lay. Lots more bees in the Ross rounds frames than previously, but still not seeing a lot of drawn comb. Going to check again next week, and if still no progress, I'll pull it and add a medium super instead and get rid of the queen excluder. Might have been too ambitious to expect honey in first year.

I've built a second eight-frame deep hive just in case it's needed, but rather than splitting I may just super this hive and see if I can get it strong through the winter.

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