Hive Inspection #10

Log type: Activity
Log ID: 458
Status: DONE

Date: Fri, 07/03/2020 - 14:35


Couldn't get into the hive last weekend due to constant rain, but weather was perfect today. Several of the new frames in the newly added top chamber are already drawn out, and I found the queen up there already laying. Some capped honey in the top already as well. That chamber was only added ten days ago! Both capped and uncapped worker and drone brood in bottom chamber, plenty of honey and pollen on all frames. Did a 300 (probably more)-bee alcohol wash with bees from a frame of mostly uncapped drone brood, and found only a nymph mite, and even then I couldn't be sure. Since mites prefer drone brood I take this to be a strong sign that the hive is healthy. Removed robbing guard since population is increasing and they can probably fend off robbers now. Bees were more docile today and no queen cups, swarm cells, supercedure cells, etc. found. I think I've successfully avoided a swarm for now. Goal right now is to get a strong hive going into winter and then split first thing next spring.

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